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8127Teeing Off Down Memory Lane
  • Publication, Literary, Article
  • Recreation, Sports, Golf
  • 2 pages
  • Maine Vertical File
  • Charles Pike
  • Earl Marshall
  • Edsel B. Ford
  • Ernest Kanzler
  • John T. Dorrance
  • Kebo Valley Club
  • President William Howard Taft
  • Roscoe Jackson
  • Sir Harry Oakes
  • Warren Bates
  • William Fenton
1036Elmer McGarr Photograph
  • Image, Photograph, Photographic Print
  • Businesses, Other Business, Tourism
  • Camps
  • Recreation
Elmer "Mac" McGarr, age 72, owner and operator of Mt. View Cabins at Otter Creek, stands outside the office. People Mentioned: Elmer McGarr Color