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Item Title Date Type Subject Publisher Copies File ID Contents Box # File # Storage Container Section Size cm Notes Collection Map # Drawer # Raw # Page # Condition Key Phrase
84151955 Handicrafts Sale
  • 1955
  • Image, Photograph
Photos from a handicrafts sale in the periodical room at Jesup Memorial Library, Bar Harbor, winter 1955.
3028Maine General Highway Atlas
  • Drawn from 1958 inventory data, Revised in 1959
  • Map, Cartograph, Atlas
  • Prepared by the State Highway Commission Planning and Traffic Division in cooperation with the U.S Department of Commerce Bureau of Public Roads
  • 1
  • 51x64
  • In fair condition, some water stains and rippling, wire bound, 71 pages, extensive indexing and legends, makers mark
  • Maine State seal, topographical feature, inset key maps on County maps, insets of urban areas on map II,
  • Jesup Map Archive
  • 2